SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Rapid Test

SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Rapid Test

ViroCure CO-19 S-RBD/S1-NTD Ab Rapid Test--15 mins for Result

ViroCure CO-19 S-RBD/S1-NTD Ab Rapid Test is a rapid assay in a lateral flow format for the qualitative of S-RBD/S1-NTD antibodies against Covid-19.

Intended Use

     ViroCure CO-19 S-RBD/S1-NTD Ab Rapid Test use human serum as specimen, and the test result is for evaluating the infected patients have correlated antibody can be used to  againts Covid-19.  

Less Sample To Get Result 

Use 2ul serum through test card can get qualitative results of S-RBD/S1-NTD antibodies of COVID-19.


Results available within 15 mins


Provide clear results that are easy to read

Easy & Reliable 

Require minimal hands-on time

Provide accurate results and includes internal controls

Expected Usage

20 tests each. Suitable for the qualitative detection of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) S-RBD/S1-NTD antibodies in human serum.

This product is for in vitro diagnostic use.



Sample Types & Volume:  2ul of Serum

Method of Detection: Colloidal Gold

Detection Time: 10~15 mins

Storage & Shelf Life: 2-35℃, 24 months

Sensitivity: 100%

Specificity: >98%

Kit sizes: 20 tests

Kit Contents: 20 Test Cards, 3ml of Dilution Buffer,Packing Insert